Amazing program for 2013 high school graduate

Do you know a grade 12 high school student graduating this year and who is going to study in a field related to Information Technology? If yes..they must consider applying to the program “The Class of 2013“.

Let me tell you about this program by giving you my personal perspective….

The way it works is that during your studies at university or college, you will be assigned a mentor who is a business professional who has been working for several years and he/she will meet with you regularly for the duration of your studies.  The mentor is not there to help you pass (you still have to study, ha ha) but rather there to provide you with professional development and guide you in making right choice, explain to you the types of career in IT, the types of technologies that are worth focusing on, the industry trends  the current high value skills and much more…  Isn’t this great?!? Another perk of this program is that not only you will be mentored professionally but you are also guaranteed a job at the end of your studies!

Spread the word and here are the full details about the program, read link below