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AVOID online shopping at SHOP.CA – My experience and why …

The website http://www.shop.ca/ is an online store front that sells products from other retail stores. It’s important to note that they do not have a warehouse and that they rely on each of those retailers to fulfil the order.

I decided to give it a try because Paypal was offering me a 40$ discount by doing an online order from their website. I ordered on Dec 2 2014 the following high chair: http://www.shop.ca/c/graco-cozy-dinette-highchair-in-chadwick-1788152-24213021

high chairm

When I shop online my expectation is that it ships within 1 to 3 business days. After the third day, I send an email to inquire when it will ship and this is the answer I got

Hello Gaetan,

As per the product page, this item does not leave the warehouse for up to 3 business days.

I would expect you to receive it sometime mid-next week.

Thank you,

James | partner, customer loyalty representative

Dec 11, 2014 comes around, 8 business days later and still no updates on shipping so I decide to call them.  The CSR who took my call looked up my order and acknowledge it should have been shipped within 3 days. The part that frustrated me the most is that the CSR basically told me that he has no idea when item will shipped because he has to contact the store who sells that item. He did say that after he would hung up with me that he would contact the store and find out. He also said that once he finds out, he would email me. He indicated that I should find out by the end of the day ….but at the time of writing this, I still didn’t get a response.

A did a quick research on twitter and discovered that sereral customers are complaining about similar problem:







All that to say this was a painful experience and I have decided to open a Paypal dispute. My recommendation to you is to avoid shopping at http://www.shop.ca/ …you may get lucky with your order but there is a good chance you go thought same experience as I did because it all depends on the store that they are fronting for the item you want.

Happy holidays everybody,



Fredericton Developer User Group is featured in local papers!

I am a co-organizer of the Fredericton Developer User Group (FDUG). This is a volunteer role and I essentially donate my time to help facilitate the group and I try to do one presentation per year.  The group URL can be found here: http://frederictonug.net/  . I do this both for networking and learning new technologies and skills.  Today I found it rewarding that both the Gleaner and Telegraph journal published an article about our group.  Here’s the article:


BizTalk useful tools

I recently took a BizTalk course and instructor shared many tools during the course that are tools that are typically used by BizTalk developer but do not ship with BizTalk. Here they are, I am sharing them with you!


WINTERDOM – Pipeline unit testing tool



BizTalk Server Pipeline Component Wizard – must use tool for building pipeline component



Deployment Framework for BizTalk (BTDF).



WCF LOB Framework – for building your own adapter



Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 ESB Toolkit 



BizUnit – unit testing



MessageBox viewer – see health of your message box



PAL – Performance Analysis of Logs (PAL) Tool.



BizMock – mocking webservice, unit testing



BizTalk documenter – to generate documentation



BizTalk profiler


Amazing program for 2013 high school graduate

Do you know a grade 12 high school student graduating this year and who is going to study in a field related to Information Technology? If yes..they must consider applying to the program “The Class of 2013“.

Let me tell you about this program by giving you my personal perspective….

The way it works is that during your studies at university or college, you will be assigned a mentor who is a business professional who has been working for several years and he/she will meet with you regularly for the duration of your studies.  The mentor is not there to help you pass (you still have to study, ha ha) but rather there to provide you with professional development and guide you in making right choice, explain to you the types of career in IT, the types of technologies that are worth focusing on, the industry trends  the current high value skills and much more…  Isn’t this great?!? Another perk of this program is that not only you will be mentored professionally but you are also guaranteed a job at the end of your studies!

Spread the word and here are the full details about the program, read link below


Microsoft Surface Tablet – Here’s how to win one with our Movember contest!

The new kid on the block when it comes to gadget is the Microsoft Surface tablet. This new toy is only available for retail as of October 26, 2012! Here’s the link to get details on it:


This year I am growing a mustache once again to support prostate cancer. This is an important cause to me as my grandfather was affected by this cancer.  The company I work for, SwiftRadius, has graciously donated one of these cool and popular toy.  Here’s how you can earn a chance to win it:

  • For every 10$ donation, you get 1 ballot. (Example 30$ – 3 ballots / 100$ – 10 ballots).
  • The winner will be randomly selected in early December.
  • Simply go to this URL and click the “donate to me” button: http://mobro.co/thegman

Good luck and help me supporting Prostate Cancer Research. I’ll post pictures later of my MO progress.




Print from sameasforever.com

I recently took possession of a great Fredericton print taken by a local photographer who happened to be a good friend! This is a shot of the bridge.  I recommend you visit his studio (sameasforever.com) and go take a peak at his print collection. The studio is located on Queen street (beside the Cedar Tree cafe). His work is impressive and since these are exclusive prints…they would make perfect Christmas gift or they are perfect to make an office look better! Simply send him an email for twitter him to arrange a visit: http://twitter.com/sameasforever 

What do you think, do you like it?