AVOID online shopping at SHOP.CA – My experience and why …

The website http://www.shop.ca/ is an online store front that sells products from other retail stores. It’s important to note that they do not have a warehouse and that they rely on each of those retailers to fulfil the order.

I decided to give it a try because Paypal was offering me a 40$ discount by doing an online order from their website. I ordered on Dec 2 2014 the following high chair: http://www.shop.ca/c/graco-cozy-dinette-highchair-in-chadwick-1788152-24213021

high chairm

When I shop online my expectation is that it ships within 1 to 3 business days. After the third day, I send an email to inquire when it will ship and this is the answer I got

Hello Gaetan,

As per the product page, this item does not leave the warehouse for up to 3 business days.

I would expect you to receive it sometime mid-next week.

Thank you,

James | partner, customer loyalty representative

Dec 11, 2014 comes around, 8 business days later and still no updates on shipping so I decide to call them.  The CSR who took my call looked up my order and acknowledge it should have been shipped within 3 days. The part that frustrated me the most is that the CSR basically told me that he has no idea when item will shipped because he has to contact the store who sells that item. He did say that after he would hung up with me that he would contact the store and find out. He also said that once he finds out, he would email me. He indicated that I should find out by the end of the day ….but at the time of writing this, I still didn’t get a response.

A did a quick research on twitter and discovered that sereral customers are complaining about similar problem:







All that to say this was a painful experience and I have decided to open a Paypal dispute. My recommendation to you is to avoid shopping at http://www.shop.ca/ …you may get lucky with your order but there is a good chance you go thought same experience as I did because it all depends on the store that they are fronting for the item you want.

Happy holidays everybody,



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