My experience with municipal politics!

I did run for city counselor for Ward 5 and this is a blog on my election experience and my PERSONAL analysis on the 277 votes received.

1.      Let’s start with the experience: This was one of the greatest experience of my life, to be able to knock on all these doors in Marysville and meet so many great people and I am so happy to be a part of this community; my future wife and I are settling in the area, I love the community and I want to make it better and I am prepared to work with Mr. Hicks and suggest thing because we both want the same thing. That’s it in a nutshell!

2.      How did this all started: It all started with the fact that nobody was challenging the incumbent and I wanted to give the people a choice, along with at least provide the community with a dialog on what the issues are and have the incumbent accountable for some of his responsibility. I simply tweeted on the last day you could submit your name:

Gaetan Savoie ‏@thegman

Nobody is contesting the candidate in my ward. That’s not good, he needs a challenge, maybe I should run see what happens?#fredvotes

That post generated some encouragement and yes it was an impulsive decision but I decided to put my name on the ballot. I did it at 1:45PM (deadline was a 2PM!). I did not have any organization, any money to run a campaign nor did I have any experience doing this.  I had to go on a course to Moncton the following week.

3.      The campaign, what happened: I decided to quickly spin up a website using WordPress when I got back from my course, then I did a brochure and created a twitter account along with a facebook page. I did a few D2D and this is when I started generating some momentum. The D2D was a great experience and I was actually really enjoying talking to people. I kept track of all ideas and issues on my blog and the more doors I did, I noticed improvements in my communication skills, ability to have great conversation with strangers and I had fun doing it. This is what was driving me to continue and I decided to give it all I had and do as many doors as I could until voting day.

4.      Voting day: I did pretty well considering I am not born and raised in Marysville! The only thing that could have got me more votes is likely start way earlier, have a team, and have a campaign manager. You can’t do this alone.

5.      What next: I don’t know what is next. All I can say is that this was a learning experience and somewhat rewarding. I am now getting back to my personal activities such as gym, golf, softball and all of my community involvement. I also have to focus on my marriage this summer. I am marrying a beautiful nurse who is originally from Boiestown!


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