Teacher says: “Everytime a Kettle Bell rings, an angel gets his wings”

I have been a member of Goodlife for one year; my Fiancé has been for more than 4 years. We like their culture and they have great personal trainers.

However, I am not pleased with how their corporate office implemented a recent policy about Kettle Bells and how it was handled.

Let’s start with the fact that my fiancé invested for two full years with a personal trainer and she got great results out of that program.  One of the routines she was taught by Goodlife is how to use Kettle Bells.  This eventually became part of her regular routine.

About a week ago, she was told she could no longer use the Kettle Bells by an employee of the club. She was told that from now on you must be accompanied by a personal trainer to use them  This was not well received because she has been taught by the club how to use them and the club made it part of her regular routine.

I personally have no issues with Goodlife and have been pleased so far, however I strongly support my Fiancé and decided to contact corporate using social media. The lady at corporate was nice and she followed up with the club.  She call me back and explained it is a “corporate” policy that is not being properly enforced by all clubs and that Goodlife Prospect St. Fredericton decided to enforce it. I said to her that as a result she was losing two good customers and that when my membership is up (January 4th 2012), we are not renewing and going elsewhere.  The lady felt bad and asked if there was anything she could do…I said, it’s not your fault, you did your job by listening to my issue and following up on it.

I understand it’s a safety issue but what about Dumbells? Can’t you take them off the floor if we can’t use them? I am a principle guy and I would respect policy if I was told upfront but out of the blue like this is not cool in my books.

Goodlife, it’s your loss.



11 thoughts on “Teacher says: “Everytime a Kettle Bell rings, an angel gets his wings”

  1. A friend was told something similar at the women’s club: that women are not allowed to use dumbbells without supervision. She was incensed and took it up with corporate, who said there was nothing they could do because individual clubs have a certain amount of autonomy over the rules that are set. They continue to have dumbbells out and about for personal training sessions, which means that people are obviously going to think they can use them. It’s extremely ridiculous and makes no logical sense at all. It’s definitely a bad mark in my book.

  2. I would say that, as long as they make sure that there is always a personal trainer around to assist members with the Kettlebells and that there is no additional charges to members for the personal trainer’s time, then it is ok. Other than that, it is a money-grab in my opinion, and I would also have quit.

  3. G-man,

    If the policy were to ban all inexperienced members from using the kettle bells, it could stand as a safety issue. If the usage ban is exclusively for women, that sort of gender-based discrimination is illegal and could/should land GoodLife at the wrong end of a Human Rights complaint.

  4. G, it has nothing to do with safety. There is nothing about KBs that is any more dangerous than dumbbells, barbells, or anything else. That is not to say you can’t do something improperly and hurt yourself, just that it is no more likely than with anything else in a gym.

    It is a pretty pathetic shot at selling more personal training packages plain and simple. Enforcing it just shows how out of touch most gyms are with actually getting fit. I for one am glad I cancelled my membership.

    I would encourage both of you to use this as an opportunity to find a spot that is interested in actually helping you get fit and not just selling you a membership. You know my thoughts on the CrossFit gym here in town so I won’t try to sell you on it specifically. There are a lot of spots in town (non-mega-corporate) and I think you should check them out.

  5. There could be many ways around this, but the easiest for the club is to deny members of simple pieces of equipment. Instead of working with the paying public, they put ropes around equipment and segregate members from the people with personal trainers. That I have no problem with as it is intimidating when you start at the gym as people want that feeling of ‘I am not alone in this’, but really……How hard would it be to just have another section for use of ‘specialized’ equipment? The Y use to have (maybe still does) have sign up sheets for the treadmills etc….

    Hey, I want to use the bells for a few mins. Voila!

  6. Sounds like you handled this well and did it politely. If your fiance was trained how to use the bells, then I don’t see why she needs supervision. If there is some fear that someone may use the bells incorrectly, hurt themselves and then sue the gym, then perhaps Good Life should train everyone and cut out the need for supervision.

    Meanwhile, businesses have the right to change policy and then face the consequences if their decision is accepted or rejected by its customers. And customers have the right to go elsewhere if they don’t like the service, product, hours of operation, etc. That’s exactly what happened. Good Life changed a policy. You didn’t agree so you go elsewhere. Good choice.

  7. I believe you and your fiance have a valid reason to leave. Where I do understand corporate policy, I also feel that if you were trained using Kettlebells, you should be permitted to use them as well.

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